Annual Marathon Registration

Have you ever felt a breath of cool forest air on your face or smelt the fragrance of fresh leaves and wild flowers when you fill your lungs while running? If you haven’t, you have never run a marathon in Auroville. The Auroville Marathon began its journey in February 2008, celebrating 41 years of Auroville, and now in 2019, in its 12th edition, it is proud to celebrate Auroville’s Golden Jubilee. Over the past decade, the event has become a favourite of many on the Indian running circuit, providing a unique experience of running on forest trails while being cheered on by the vibrant Auroville community.

The Auroville Marathon is a celebration of the spirit of sport, togetherness and brotherhood. The motto of the event has always been ‘Run for the Joy of Running’ and in keeping with that spirit, no timings will be noted this year and as usual no Certificates too. Timings and Certificates have anyhow never mattered in this incredible adventure in which you would be missing out if you don’t look around to admire the beauty of the forest or stop to listen to a bird or to spot a dancing peacock. However, if you do wish to know how you’ve done for your own inner satisfaction, we suggest you bring a watch and time yourself or look at the big timing screens that will be placed at the finish line.

Come and be a part of this festival of running, far away from the competitive world of winners and losers and sponsors and promotors. Come and explore the Wonderland that is Auroville and discover what it really means to ‘Run for the Joy of Running’!

Team AV Runners