Members convened for a special sitting  on the 14th of December 2022 to deliberate on the Report of the Committee on Appointment on the Vetting of County Executive committee members, County Secretary and the County Attorney
The Motion was moved by the Hon. Josephine Kinyanjui the Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Appointment and seconded by the Hon. Tumaini Mwachaunga MCA Bongwe Gombato Ward The adoption of the Motion was supported by several members of County assembly
The County assembly has therefore approved the following nominees
1. Mr. Bakari Hassan Sebe-CECM Finance, Executive Services and Economic Planning
2. Mrs. Mishi Salim Mwakaole-CECM Education
3. Mr. Joto Ali Mwachirumbi-CECM Roads and Public works
4. Ms. Francisca Kilonzo -CECM Social services and Talent Management
5. Mr. Hemed Mwabudzo-CECM Water department
6. Ms. Sylvia Chidodo Leli-County Secretary
7. Mr. Salim Gombeni-County Attorney
8. Ms. Saumu Beja Mahaja-CECM Environment and natural resources
9. Mr. Roman Mwangome Sherah- CECM Agriculture livestock and Fisheries
10. Mr. Francis Gwama Mwatsahu- CECM Health
The County assembly has rejected two nominees for the position of the CECM- Public Service and administration Mrs. Tamasha Yusuf Nyawa and
CECM – Tourism Trade and Enterprise development Ali Abdallah Mondo
The County assembly would like to congratulate the nominees for their appointment and urge them to serve the County of Kwale tirelessly and selflessly.
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