Lands, Mining, Environment & Natural Resources


To look into all matters related to implementation of specific national government policies on natural resources and environment conservation, including soil and water conservation and forestry and control of air pollution, noise pollution, other public nuisances and outdoor advertising


The committee on Lands, Mining, and Environment and Natural Resource comprises of the following members:

Hon. Raia Mkungu Chairperson – CCM
Hon. Mwaphatsa Mwanauba V/Chairperson – ODM
Hon. Patrick Mangale Member – ANC
Hon. Joseph Danda Member – ODM
Hon. Mwinyi Burudai Member – ODM
Hon. Fatuma Masito Member – ODM
Hon. Swaleh Simba Member – JP
Hon. Ndoro Mwerupheh Member – JP
Hon. Yusuf Mubwana Member – JP