The County Assembly of Kwale is led by the Speaker Hon. Seth Mwatela Kamanza who was
elected and sworn in on the 21st of September 2022. The Hon. Seth Kamanza is serving as the
second Speaker of the County Assembly of Kwale and takes on the role from the former Speaker
Hon Sammy Ruwa who served for two terms between the years 2013-2022. The Speaker
typically presides over the sessions of the Assembly and preserves order in the chamber during
debate. He has the mandate to rule on parliamentary questions, refer bills to committees, and to
sign legislation, writs and warrants. He also acts as the Chairman of the County Assembly Service Board

Hon. Andrew Mulei serves as the Deputy Speaker of the County Assembly of Kwale. Hon Mulei
is the Member of County of Assembly representing Kubo South Ward and has served Kwale
county as the Deputy Speaker for three terms The Deputy Speaker presides over the House in the
Speaker's absence. He may exercise the Speaker’s duties in his absence and assumes other duties

as assigned by the Speaker of the County Assembly.

The leadership of the County Assembly also comprises of Leader of Majority Party Hon. Hanifa
Badi Mwajirani deputised by Hon Khadija Ngala and the Leader of Minority Party Hon Tumaini
Mwachaunga deputised by Hon Hamisi Mkaha Kombo. The County Assembly leadership also
consists of the Speaker’s panel. The panel’s role is to preside over the House in the Speaker’s and Deputy Speakers absence.